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Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Baron Chase is today one of the Bay Area's finest players/composers.

In Baron's formative years, he sang and played rhythm guitar in his father's various choir groups. At one early guitar lesson, he was accompanied by an electric bass player and was fascinated by the instrument. He made the bass his main instrument and hasn't looked back since. While inspired by Jazz masters the likes of Jaco Pastorius, Anthony Jackson & Stanley Clarke, Baron's influences also include Progressive Rock and Fusion pioneers such as Chris Squire of Yes, Ray Shulman of Gentle Giant and Percy Jones of Brand X.

As a player, Baron has the ability to dazzle with a dizzying display of technical prowess, but his virtuosity never gets in the way of the music. His musical phrases are always tempered with taste, heart-felt passion and a deep respect for the groove. As a writer, Baron does not merely mirror his diverse musical influences. Instead, each tune is an honest reflection of his unique inner voice. Listening to Baron's compositions is like being on a musical safari. There is at once beauty, power, grace and a sense of adventure.

* Joe Cefalu

Baron Chase, Dr. Ryman,
Mingo Lewis and Kenneth Roy Berry

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Jam 3__Barons 50th Bday __9:20
Jam 7__Barons 50th Bday __7:30

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Baron is currently the bassist and music director for Lester Chambers and "The Mud Stompers", and is playing and recording with the band.


Baron Chase has recorded and/or performed with:
Tony Williams, Jon Anderson, Clarence Clemmins, Marty Balin, Mingo Lewis, Steve Kindler, Bill Summers Dr Ryman and others

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